Our purpose is principally to affect the political realm by providing reasoned arguments for conservatism and liberty on topics relevant to current events, in Texas first, but also across the nation. The arguments presented here are intended to transcend the usual political bickering and provide a resource for those, conservative or liberal, who would like to consider issues at a deeper level.
It should be obvious that this is a very optimistic goal. Attempts to “transcend” political discourse and replace it with principled or thoughtful discussion as a general rule are abject failures, falling into the same pointless – and often dishonest and petulant – arguments that have been going on for decades. We hope to be different. To that end, this group is nonpartisan. As conservatives we may often take positions in agreement with a particular political party, and indeed we expect to be a resource for conservative politicians, particularly those who may be more limited in funding and organization (we may even endorse a select group of politicians who particularly impress us), but we will not be partisan shills for the Republican or any other party. Strict party politics of the sort practiced today tends to constrict the imagination, drive thought into specific areas considered acceptable by party bosses, and limit the degree to which pure reason and principle can influence politics. We reject the notion that politics must be constrained to within such narrow boundaries.


Our philosophy is, as mentioned before, mostly conservative, but we do not believe that all people of goodwill will agree on every issue that confronts them – as as wise man once said, if someone agrees with you all the time he’s either lying or insane. We will present differing viewpoints on many issues, but there are some points on which this group will always agree. These are as follows: life is sacred and worthy of protection from conception to natural death, that government governs best which governs least, and liberty is worth defending. Beyond that, although there are no hard and fast rules, this group is still dedicated to advancing thoughtful conservatism, and that is what it will do. That said, we strive to be a “big tent.” We embrace dissent in the hopes that one us may convince the other or, failing that, we may strengthen each other in our views.